Sunday, June 1, 2008

How it all Began

It all started when I met my future husband, David, while training for the 2005 Vancouver International Marathon. “I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon,” I said. David laughed, or maybe he groaned, saying he was trying to get out of it, as if it were an addiction. Little did I know.

That summer, I learned to swim with a swim masters club. By the end of the summer I felt ready to try a Tri.

But, my blog isn’t meant to be so much about my triathlon history as about being a “triathlete new mom”. I know new moms who swim, bike and run are out there – but it’s hard enough getting out for a workout let alone co-ordinating with another mom whose schedule similarly revolves around a pint sized benevolent dictator.

There are also some inspiring websites and blogs by triathletes who are moms, not to mention some inspiring triathletes. But, my emphasis is on the ‘new’ part of ‘new mom’.

With university, getting a career started and finding my significant other, it seems almost inevitable that everything would coincide in my 30’s. Hopefully, I can provide some laughs and some insight to others in the same stage of life.

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