Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Keeping Track

It’s now nearly the end of November and I’m coming up to the blessed recovery week. It’s been a good month: no injuries, I’ve stuck more or less to the plan and did a swim workshop based on the Total Immersion techniques. The only casualty has been the strength/core/flexibility sessions – which should be the easiest since I can do them at home. But, the combination of them being my least favorite and the fact that I don’t carve out a time has led to some missed sessions. I’d never have noticed this if I didn’t track my workouts, because I mentally gloss over the missed strength sessions, always intending to make it up later, until later turns into the next scheduled session.

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to documenting and tracking things (or so I’m told). I document my workouts – what type, duration, average and max heart rates, time ‘in zone’ and so on. This may sound like a lot but I purposely resisted replacing my old Polar heart rate watch (which had distance and downloading capability) because it sucked up way too much time and there always seemed to be some quirk with the process. Plus, I found it tedious to get wired up for every run or ride (mp3, heart rate monitor and foot pod). So, I am trying to go with the simple is better plan. I have a simple bike computer and a simple heart rate monitor watch. Still, I manage to find things to track.

On the plus side, having a baby’s activities to track is a great salve to those of us who feel the need to track things. I am tracking Hannah’s primary activities – night sleeping, naps, nursing and hysterical crying bouts. So far the main trend has been an increase in the duration of the hysterical crying before she goes to sleep at night. I think she’s figured out what we react to…

I guess old habits die hard. In my old (paying) job I had goals and objectives and monthly reports. Now I channel this energy into my training and Hannah. Just somebody please stop me if I start to making to-do lists that say “laundry”, “clean up toys” and “make dinner”.

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  1. I am so glad I found your site! I am a newbie triathlete (1 season of sprints under my belt, IM dreams) who is currently 20 weeks pregnant. I hope to pick up after baby and work up to a HIM in 2010.