Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

It’s the season for colds. Hannah got her first cold this week. At first I thought the runny nose was due to teething, as she recently sprouted two bottom-front teeth. But, then I caught it as well, and now my husband has it.

Training, babies and colds don’t mix very well. While Hannah doesn’t seem too bothered by the cold, per se, she definitely objects to having her nose wiped, and she definitely isn’t sleeping very well. This means, we’re not sleeping very well either. So, on top of the cold I’m feeling pretty exhausted.

It’s always hard to know whether to rest completely when I get sick, or to struggle through it, after all it’s “just” a head cold and about the only time I feel good is when I’m exercising and my blood is flowing, clearing my stuffy head. So far I’ve kept the schedule, although I am supposed to do my long run today and it’s already 2:30 and we’ve had our first major snowfall of the year. Does this sound like a list of excuses? Probably. I think I need to read a few inspirational stories in
Triathlete Magazine and then I’ll feel pumped enough to go out for a run.

Happy training!


  1. just caught up with your blog. i love tracking my workouts too but don't have all the cool tools you do. it IS so rewarding when you can see progress, but i agree, daunting to now have to work harder. hope you feel better...hannah is too cute!

  2. Found your blog through Clare! I've been doing Ironmans for years and just had my first baby 8 weeks ago. :) I'm back at training now, feeling great! Didn't enter an IM for this year, but have a 1/2 coming up May 31 so I'm training for that. If it goes well enough, I'll be doing another IM in October... ;)