Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Joggers

Hannah loves the baby jogger. It is a Mountain Buggy Urban Elite, meant for jogging ( The store clerks told me it was fine to jog with an infant on smooth surfaces, and I couldn’t find anything in the instructions or on the website saying otherwise (regarding newborns). I e-mailed and phoned Mountain Buggy but no response.

We go out on the seawall which is smooth asphalt. She falls asleep right away and generally doesn’t wake up unless I stop. This is good motivation to keep going. Her head isn’t jostled and the ride is plush.

I think the ultimate stroller for triathletes is the Chariot ( as it is one of the few that will convert to a bike carrier later on. But, we live in a small condo and walk to shops with small doors and aisles so needed something manoeuvrable. The Mountain Buggy is a good compromise if you can only have (or only want) one stroller.

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